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R. W. Davison Art work

Showcasing Artist R. W. Davison ~ signed limited edition prints


"Winter Getaway" by R. W. Davison, signed limited edition prints

R. W. Davison is a West Coast artist

My Background


I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA.  My days were spent searching for that perfect wave as a young surfer but art was always in my blood.  I spent a few great summers just painting and surfing living right on the ocean. From California to Costa Rica to Hawaii, the tropics are where I feel at home.

My Medium


 I use acrylics partly because I'm colorblind and they are vivid. I enjoy using other mediums as well.  'Bosco Visits the Islands' and 'Errand Girl' are water colors.  I enjoy the warmth they offer.  I am able to get the best detail with pencil, like 'Pursuit' and oils like I used in my painting 'Unfinished Woman.' 

My Inspiration


I enjoy creating whimsical paintings that make people smile and take their stress away. Many people tell me that my paintings bring them joy and peace, that's my inspiration.  People who own my work have described it as causing an instant smile. Scroll down for an interview with the artist:

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